No Classes Friday, January 19th

Please read the following note from CMS Schools:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will be closed on Friday, Jan. 19 for all students. All CMS employees will follow the procedures for a Code A: Optional Teacher Workday beginning at 10 a.m.

All evening events on Friday are being cancelled as well as athletic activities and Community Use of School events.

Although some main roads may be clear after Wednesday’s snowstorm, many neighborhood and access roads are not, especially in the northern part of our community. Sub-freezing temperatures are again expected overnight, resulting in refreezing and dangerous road conditions in the early morning hours. Temperatures and travel conditions are forecast to improve throughout the day.

The make-up day for Friday will be announced as soon as possible. The Fall end-of-semester exam schedule will resume on Monday, Jan. 22 and conclude on Wednesday, Jan. 24. Holding with previous practice, all three exam days will be early release for high schools.

We will use the CMS website, Connect5 messages, news and social media to keep you informed of any changes.

School Closed for Thursday, January 18

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will be closed on Thursday, January 18th.
Las escuelas están cerrada jueves, 18 de enero.

The winter storm has had a major impact on the Mecklenburg County area. While some roads may be clear, others can present a danger in many neighborhoods. Sub-freezing temperatures are expected tonight, causing refreezing of wet roadways on Thursday.

Given these factors, CMS will be closed on Thursday, January 18th. All evening events on Thursday are being cancelled and all athletic activities and Community Use of School events also are being cancelled.

Make-up days for school closings on January 17 and January 18 will be Monday, January 22 and Monday, February 19. CMS school principals will notify students and parents of exam and test schedule changes.

Schools closed Wednesday, January 17

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will be closed, las escuelas están cerrada Wednesday, January 17th, 17 de enero. Forecasters are expecting a winter storm to impact the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area starting this evening, and into the early morning hours, bringing snow and freezing temperatures to our region. We’ve been monitoring forecasted weather and road conditions to determine the best course of action for students and staff. Based on anticipated weather conditions, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will be closed on, Wednesday, January 17th. All evening events on Wednesday are being canceled and all athletic activities and Community Use of School events are also are being canceled. This will be a Code C day for CMS staff.