PTA Members Meeting and Facebook Group

As a reminder, the PTA member;s Meeting will be help January 30 at 6:00 in the Endhaven Media Center. As paid members of the Endhaven PTA we hope this meeting will serve as an opportunity to ask questions, get involved and hear more about upcoming plans. We hope you all can make it!

Can’t make it to the meeting? We’ll be sharing the meeting LIVE through a private Facebook group. Please take a moment to request to join the closed Facebook group

We will make sure you can watch live, submit your live questions and watch the meeting. You can also posts your questions before the meeting and we will do our best to address them all.

Thank you so much for you involvement and participation in betting our school.

PTA Members Meeting

Save the date! We’re excited to host a PTA Members meeting on

Tuesday, January 30th at 6:00pm

for all PTA Members who have paid their dues online. The meeting will be a general Q and A session and an open floor to bring ideas or discuss questions you might have as well as a review or our plans for the fitness trail.

We will be holding the meeting at the school, most likely in the gym.

There’s still time join! Visit Pay4SchoolStuffOnline and join PTA

International Outreach

Are you new to Endhaven?
Are you new to Charlotte?
Are you new to North Carolina?
Are you new to America?

Sometimes change is scary and lonely. If you’ve just moved to a new country, state, or school and don’t know the language, culture or how to even navigate the cafeteria, any day of the week can feel overwhelming. We are a group of teachers and parents from Endhaven that want to help people of all cultures to learn how to be involved and navigate at Endhaven Elementary School. Our goal is to help all new families adapt to the daily schedule, special events, available opportunities and day to day operation of Endhaven Elementary while meeting other families!

Check out our website and then reach out and let us know how we can help, how you’d like to get involved! We want to get to know you and welcome you personally!


Join The Endhaven School Leadership Team!

Do you have one (1) hour per month to volunteer your time?

Do you want to be in the know about Endhaven? 

If you answered YES then SLT is the place for you! 

The Endhaven School Leadership Team (SLT) is looking for parent representatives to serve during the 2016-2017 school year.  If you would like to learn more about how the school functions and provide input with regards to school improvement as it relates to the School Improvement Plan, then this is a wonderful place for you to volunteer your time.  The SLT acts as an advisor to the administrative team and is responsible for assisting in the development and on-going implementation of the School Improvement Plan.

All candidates should be able to attend one meeting per month.  The meetings are usually held on the 3rd Thursday of the month and last 1 hour.

Complete the SLT form and return to the office or email completed form to Mr. Slattery.  Forms are due September 5th.