Teacher Appreciation Week is 3/22-3/26!

Beginning Monday, March 22nd, will be Teacher Appreciation Week at Endhaven.  This is our chance to show our teachers and staff how much we appreciate them for all they have done for us during this crazy year!  
Our theme this year is appropriately titled: “We VIRTUALLY love everything about you!” We will incorporate Emojis into the entire week, and will give the students writing prompts for each day to share during their morning SEL time.  
See our “schedule” below and/or use this template to participate:
**Feel free to also include Teacher Assistants and Student Teachers in your child’s class!
Students will write about what their favorite thing about their teacher is.
Students will write about what makes their teacher funny.
Students can dress up as the emoji they feel best represents their teacher during remote learning! They will write about why they chose their specific emoji. 
This is also “Adopt a Specials Teacher Day.”  Students can send a dojo message, video clip or email to the Specials Teacher assigned to their grade to let them know how much they are appreciated and what they love about them: 
Pre-k & K: Ms. Hutchens
1st: Ms. Crews
2nd: Ms. Lee
3rd: Ms. Economon
4th: Mr. Marino
5th: Mr. Arem
Students will write about a time when their teacher was proud of them.

Feel free to wear a party hat and celebrate your teacher!  Students will write about something they feel their teacher is the very best at. 
In addition to the fun messages from the students, the PTA has planned the following Treats for all teachers and staff: 
Monday:  The Rollin’ Roast Coffee Truck 
Tuesday:  Marble Slab Creamery ice cream courtesy of Carolina Socials Catering
Wednesday:  *Remote Learning Day*
Thursday:  Chicken Biscuits courtesy of Chick Fil A Stonecrest 
Friday:  Lunch goodies served by the PTA 
We are so excited to show our teachers and staff how much they mean to us! 
If you prefer to send in a treat of your own (NOT required or expected), feel free to refer to the Teachers Favorites list:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wuvOfvtSqjmDesqkertdfraeGt86f1egZoiPWLQ6Nds/edit?usp=sharing
Please email the PTA with any questions:  ptaendhaven@gmail.com