Carpool Reminders

AM & PM Carpool Procedures and Reminders

If you drop off and/or pick-up in our carpool line, please be sure to review and adhere to our carpool procedures detailed below. Your help in facilitating a smooth morning and afternoon carpool flow is greatly appreciated as the volume of cars has increased significantly from last year. 

For morning drop-off: 

Cars should utilize 2 lanes as you enter and wind through our front parking lot

If you are one of the first cars to arrive, please stop at the orange cones/white painted lines in our parking lot.

Ms. McKinney or another staff member will direct traffic, funneling cars into a single lane to enter the “drop-off zone.”

Please do not switch lanes while coming through our parking lot as this presents a safety hazard. Cars switching lanes will be stopped, and the other lane will be directed to proceed to the “drop-off zone.”

When directed to enter the “drop-off zone” (i.e. when Ms. McKinney waves you forward) you will need to pull all the way down until you reach the end of the building or a stopped car in front of you, before letting your child out of the car. This way, we can unload more cars at once and keep the line moving efficiently.

Your child should be seated on the passenger side of your vehicle for both safety and efficiency of morning carpool.

Your child does not need to wait for a staff member to open the door. He or she can open the door and get out on their own, if they are able to do so.

Parents/guardians should stay inside your vehicle when dropping your child off.

It is helpful to have everything ready for your child to “grab and go” and to say any special goodbyes or give last minute reminders prior to stopping to let your child out. 

For afternoon pick-up:

Cars should utilize 2 lanes as you enter and wind through our front parking lot. Both lanes can be utilized by all Pre-K through 5th grade families. (You do not need to be in the right or left hand lane based on your child’s grade level like last year).

If you are one of the first cars to arrive, please stop at the orange cones/white painted lines in our parking lot.

Have your car tag displayed and easily viewable from your rearview mirror. If you have lost your car tag, please contact the front office for a replacement. As a temporary solution, you can write your child’s name and grade large and legibly on a sheet of paper and place it on your dashboard.

Parents/guardians must stay inside your vehicle when picking your child up. Students who are deemed “car riders” will not be released to parents who park and walk up to the building. You will be asked to return to your vehicle and come through the carpool line. 

If you want your child to be dismissed with walkers and walked across the street, please notify your child’s teacher of the dismissal change at least one day in advance (barring emergencies), and indicate whether it is a temporary or permanent change.

We will utilize 2 lanes for our PM carpool “loading zone.” Please stay in your lane, throughout the carpool line and “loading zone.”

Ms. Locklear, or another staff member, will direct traffic in the “Loading zone.” If the sign says “Stop” please no not attempt to pull off. Cars will be dismissed when all cars in the “Loading Zone” have safely received their students. This is out of safety for our students, as half of them are crossing a lane of traffic. If cars further back in the line have received their student(s) and see cars ahead of them pulling off, they may assume all students are loaded and attempt to pull off as well, not realizing that the car to their left has not received their student(s), creating an unsafe environment for the child(ren) who still must cross the first lane. Therefore, do not pull off until Ms. Locklear (or another staff member) turns the Stop Sign to the “Slow” side.

Staff members are not permitted to buckle students’ seatbelts. If your child needs assistance buckling up, please pull down to the end of the line and off to the side allowing the line to clear and the next group to come through.