Bus Rider Updates

Bus Rider Updates!

In an effort to keep parents informed of delayed bus departures, our Assistant Principal, Ms. Conn, has created a Google Doc (linked below) that you can access daily to see when your child’s bus has left the bus lot, and if applicable, the substitute bus number as well! This will be updated in real time to help keep everyone informed. From the time your child’s bus has left our bus lot, you should expect your child home within a maximum of 45 min, and often within 10-20 minutes, depending on your bus’s route. 


We will be using this document until transportation is running smoothly and on a consistent schedule. 

You can also download the Here Comes the Bus App on your smartphone to see your bus’s route in real time. The CMS district code is 73877. 

Please note: The app will not be accurate if your student has a “sub bus” that day. You can find out if your child’s bus is a temporary sub bus that day by clicking the link above.