Save the Date- 5th Grade Promotion

Its time to celebrate our 5th graders and officially promote them to middle school!
Please join us for a ceremony on Thursday, June 7th at 8:30am at Endhaven Elementary.

Make sure your 5th grader wears/brings their 5th grade shirt to the promotion. They will be taking a class photo. 

Bring us your old markers and we’ll turn them into ENERGY!

Bring us your old markers and Crayola turn them into ENERGY!

Crayola and schools across North America have banded together to help kids understand the importance of their role in protecting the environment. That’s why we launched Crayola ColorCycle. Through this initiative, students in K-12 schools across the continental United States and parts of Canada can collect used markers and send them to a conversion facility where they will be transformed into clean-burning fuel.

Thanks to Mrs. Hutchen’s and Endhaven parent, Jamie Atwood, Endhaven is participating in the ColorCycle program! Simply drop your old markers in the bin located in the school lobby and we’ll pack them up and ship them to Crayola where they will be converted into energy!

Thank you!